what is reality ? season 1, out in 2020.

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explorers are people pushing boundaries further :
Tom Campbell, Christine Degoy, Yann Lipnick, Luc Montagnier, Stéphane Cardinaux, and more.

thinkers are people modeling reality or reporting on it :
Jan Rak, Marc Henry, Gerald Pollack, Paul Jorion, Dan Winter, Bill Donovan, Didier Van Cauwelaert
, Giuseppe Vitiello, Rachel Yehuda...

healers are people helping people :
Frank Blomeyer, Bernadette Geraud, Julie Gerland, François Gerland
, Carolyn McMakin, Philippe Matza, Folker Meissner, Antonie Peppler, Robert Polnicky, A. Vassas...

makers people materializing things - tools, art... :
Marcus Schmieke, Oleg Sorokin
, Dietmar Heimes, Konstantin Korotkov, Daniel Tosi....

walkers are people going one of the paths :
Jampa Ludrup, Robina Courtin ...

Work still in progress : Jean Claude E. (healer/hypnosis), Mattias V.R. (healer/fear), Joël S. (thinker), Dom. B. (healer)

a movie by Y (aka Médéric Degoy)

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A documentary series addressed to a 15-35 audience. It will be a road-movie style, fast paced, information-dense dive into matter, energy, body and soul, and the interactions between. Shot in english, french and german, it will connect the dots and is aimed at creating a paradigm shift in the way we cure, and the way we personally evolve.


INFORMATION. ENERGY. The world flows with it. In fact, you could say the world is made of it. Almost a century ago, a human being first made the mathematical association between energy and matter, stating that the two could be totally exchanged. Another one discovered at the same time the counterintuitive principles of atomic particles, opening a window on a surrealist world ; but a world maybe closer to reality than the deterministic view we are still used to think with.

A century ago. Alas, what could have been a complete paradigm shift had needed time to take root in the common psyche. It led to extraordinary scientific discoveries and understanding, but most of these researches have been poorly, if any, understood by the common human.

Our society is the most materialistic our history has ever recorded ; at a time when we transformed millennial beliefs into scientific facts, it seems that our common psyche refuses to let go with materiality, for some good reasons, and a lot of bad ones. More, this denial seems to have perverse effects, and humanity is using as much matter as it can burn, in a self-destructive swan song.

In this movie, we will explore the roots of the materialistic view and the implications of the relativity and quantum physics, especially in the human body and mind field, may it be for understanding, curing, or getting a broader sense of oneself.


Psychologists on the human senses and interfaces. Physicists on the deterministic view, relativity and quantum mechanics 101. Let's go to CERN.

Game theory. Information theory. Chaos theory. Hard maths 101. What are energy fields and how they work - if we know. Some science and fun experiences to understand how the world doesn't fall apart.

A lot of healers, may it be conventional or unconventional practices, on 3 questions :

  • can you describe in as few words as possible, the way your practice works ?
  • how do you know something you did worked on a patient ? (what is your feedback on what you did and how do you measure it)
  • based on your experiences, what is your understanding of reality ? (what did your practice made you understand on the way the world works ?)

    NPMR (non-physical matter reality). OBEs (out of body experiences). (Monroe, Campbell). Mind-body. Virtual reality, real virtuality. Reincarnations, avatars, karma. (Dalai Lama). Let's change perspective.

    Rice you love and rice you loathe. State of mind. Transurfing. EFT, ho'ponopono. Prayer and religious traditions. Earth magnetic field. You mean, the mind can influence matter ?

    News, good or bad. Views on personal reality. Adrenalin vs. oxytocin/endorphin release (Gerland). Diseases, in french = maladie = mal a dit = "harm said" (Boutellier). Conscious, subconscious, superconscious (Fabregat). Psychotherapists on fear resolution (von Rad).

    Now what ? You did choose your path. In fact, everything is perfect for you. You just have to choose, what "perfection" means for you.

    Mederic Degoy ; I am a serial entrepreneur. During graduation of the ENS Louis Lumiere, one of France's two top movie schools, I created my first company at 23, a web agency, and a production company for short films and documentaries. I then created several web-based companies, quit Paris for building my ecological house in the mountains, got involved in the local political and community life, got off the mountain sometimes, wrote poetry and shot art photos while my wife painted and drew, and am now, among many other things, responsible for creating Pantherapy, a network of research, scientific studies and applications centers around energetic informational or natural therapies. All this with a closely guarded balance of personal life, with three children and a wife sharing the same spiritual path. In short, I am the kind to materialize my ideas : a human being, so to say.